Why Tile?

The Perfect Choice
Why should you put tile in your next home or the current one that you are in? Why tile over other products that are out there? Tile has several benefits from easy maintenance to endless stylish designs, and even healthy space living for your comfort.
The Why in "Why Tile?"

What Tile Can Offer You & Your Home

Low Maintenance & Clean

Regardless of the area or application for your tile, it will provide a low maintenance solution for your home, place of business, or where ever it may be. Tile is impervious meaning it is not porous, allowing no stains to penetrate the tile that has the proper glazing. So you can have a peace of mind when you spill on your new tile floor.  With that in mind tile does not ware, you can not scratch the surface of that tile unlike other floor surfaces out there.

Also, with tile you’ll never have to worry about water seeping through and ruining your floor, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and mudrooms.

Tile will also prevent bacterial growth in area of your house. Unlike other flooring types, tile is completely inhospitable to bacteria. That means no mold or mildew, and a healthier home for you.

Unlimited Creativity

Tile allows you to bring out your creative side in you. Some might call it your "Chip and Joanne side" in you. Whatever it may be, tile can bring design aspirations into reality. You are not limited on where you have to put tile.

Tile is durable so it can go all over the house. You can put in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, outdoors, and so much more. Whether you’re wrapping the whole bath in glass or using colored ceramic to spice things up, tile brings texture, style, and pizazz to the area you are designing. For thousands of years, tile has been the flooring of choice in living areas as well. The durability and design-ability options that tile provides is unmatched by any other flooring surface. With various layout patterns, and decorative borders, tile can be a subtle background providing the stage for fine furniture or treasured works of art, or it can be the dramatic focal point of a soaring space.

Fire & Mold Resistant

There’s more to tile than just its low-maintenance good looks, though: Tile, manufactured using only natural materials, doesn’t emit toxic fumes (unlike some other surface choices), and its hard surfaces are unfriendly to odors, allergens, molds and bacteria. Plus, tile doesn’t burn: hot kitchen pans or skillets can’t scorch or melt the surface of glazed ceramic tile.
So, why tile?

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